Chicken Hand Pie



Whenever I can, I avoid cooking elaborate meals.  Usually my meals involve only one pot of meat + vege and rice.  I don’t believe in slaving over the hot stove for hours on end.  It means time taken away from more important things in life like my family and my crafting. But chicken pie…we all love chicken pie. For that I will slave.

That’s because it’s not easy to get good chicken pie.  It usually tastes of pastry margarine *yuk, and contains minuscule amount of chicken.  And I am not the sort to commute long distance to get yummy food.  If it’s not within 1 km, or not on the way, I wouldn’t bother. Like I said, not easy to get good chicken pie. ;P

Thus the need arises for me to make it myself (M.I.M.).  However, I can’t make real puff/flaky pastry using real butter.  The few times I tried, it resulted in a messy oily… thing.  I blame it on the weather, of course.  It’s too hot and humid here to make puff/flaky pastry using real butter.  Heh heh. The only solution is to compromise by using short crust pastry instead. It’s still very good and way less work!  Nevertheless, this recipe is still quite lengthy and involves quite a bit of prep work.

My pies look rather on the “rustic” side.  That’s coz at the end of it, I had already kind of lost my patience due to the amount of prep work involved. So making them pretty was the last thing on my mind.  But hey, tasty they are!



Chicken Pie Filling

350g diced raw chicken

1 diced onion

250 g potatoes

200 g diced carrots (or frozen mixed vege)

1-1.5 tsp salt


1/4 cup water/stock + 1 tbsp flour (=Slurry)

Stir fry everything together until cooked.  Season with salt and pepper.  Then thicken with the slurry.  Leave to cool.

Chicken Pie Dough (makes about 6-7 muffin size pie)

125 g  salted butter

250g plain flour

1 tsp sugar

1 egg + water = 80-90ml liquid

1/4 tsp salt

Rub the butter into the dry ingredients using your finger tips until they resemble breadcrumbs.  Add in the liquid and knead to a smooth dough.  Leave it to chill and rest for about 1/2 hour.

Divide up into 50 g and 20 g balls.  50 g balls will be for the base and 20 g for the caps.

Roll the 50 g dough balls to a circle and fit into muffin pan holes.  Fill them with chicken pie filling.  Really heap it up.

Then taking the 20 g dough balls, roll it lightly and place on top as a cap.  Gather the sides up  and press the edges to secure the cap.  Make a few slits at the top to allow steam to escape.

At this point, glaze it with egg wash if you wish.

Bake at 190c for about 25-30 min.

Serve hot with lots of ketchup. That’s the way we like it.