Sardine Pizza



About 30 years ago, Pizza Hut sold sardine pizza in Singapore. My dad had a friend who worked in the kitchen and he would make one and give it to my dad for us every now and then.  It was such a treat for me because we would never have been able to afford pizza otherwise.  And I love sardines as well.  I wish I knew who that kind friend was and been able to express my gratitude.

The other day, while cracking my head, wondering what to cook for dinner, the memory of sardine pizza came back.  I decided to make it.  I mean my family has nothing against sardines.  Not great fans, but nothing against it.  It’s worth a try coz if they liked it, it’s such an easy dinner for me to make. You can make the topping as simple as you like with only a can of sardines and cheese or you may add in onions, chilli, olives etc.

Sardine Pizza

1 can sardines in ketchup

1-2 cups grated mozarella

Pizza dough

Pour away most of the ketchup sauce. Mash up the sardines coarsely.

Spread mashed sardines on the dough


Top with cheese

Bake as per pizza recipe found in the link.


I had added black olives and fresh basil leaves onto my pizza.

Pizza Hut has already stopped selling sardine pizzas.  I guess it was not a very popular choice.  Although I love it, for the taste as well as the convenience, nobody else in my family seemed that keen on it.  I guess you just gotta be a sardine fan.

To my dad’s friend, thank you very much.