I ❤️Durians


During the height of the durian season this year, I must have bought about a grand total of 150 durians.  Yes, 150.  As you probably know by now, I don’t buy things in small quantities.  This is probably linked to my Michigan days when I used to stock up in summer, in case of tornado and blackout, and in winter, in case of blizzard and blackout.  As you know durians are seasonal. Thus I needed to stock those up as well, so that, let’s say, in December, when I feel like having some durians, I can just reach into my freezer and get some and smile smugly at the rest of the durian-deprived friends.

The picture of the durians here were actually physically sitting on my kitchen floor.  I counted about 130+.  This is how I got 130+ durians:  My good friend Dahlia and I went durian-hunting.  However, our timing was off.  The fresh durians from Malaysia had not arrived yet and there were these small durians from that morning.  The durian seller wanted to make room for the fresh ones so he made me an offer of $30 to clear his stock.  It took a good half hour just to bag them and carry them to the car (there were 8 or 9 bags)!  Mid way, a lady came along and asked about my durians and he sold her a bag of MY durians for $18! LOL


I then spent the next few days opening all the durians.  It was a race against time ‘coz they had to be opened and ‘fridged within the next couple of days.  Then I proceeded to pit the durians, bag and freeze them.   Of course these were not the best durians but for 20c a pop, I’m ok with that.  Furthermore, when frozen, they taste very good.  It’s like eating durian ice cream that is pure durians.  I had also planned to make durian muffins and cheesecake and cream puffs…  So far, check to first and second items.

I can now open durians like a pro.  Just need a flat head screwdriver. Gloves welcomed but not necessary.