Random Kitchen/Life Hacks

Coz I Need Short Cuts.

(This post will be appended when I think of more short cuts to save time)

  1. Mashing bananas. To save up on washing and the mess, put peeled bananas in a plastic bag and squish it. Then to measure, let’s say a cup of banana,  place the whole bag into a cup. You’ll have zero washing up to do.
  2. Unless you need to make a big cake for the sake of presentation, making cake in muffin pans is more eco-friendly as you cut down on electricity used. Generally a big cake takes about 40 min or more, whereas muffin-sized cake only takes about 20 min. It is easier to dispense and store as well. To cut down on washing, line the muffin holes with cupcake liner. Minimal/no washing required!
  3. Cucumber juice. Cukes are good for reducing sugar in your fruit juice. If you want to drink watermelon juice and you are cutting down on sugar, dilute it with cucumber juice instead of water.
  4. Frozen fruits. Blueberries, grapes, bananas are super easy to freeze. Wash blueberries and grapes (remove stems) first, let them air dry a bit and freeze. Peel bananas before freezing. Contrary to popular beliefs, they don’t turn out to be like ice cubes. Totally eatable. Unless if you have sensitive teeth.
  5. Frozen Lemon Slices. Sometimes I get discount lemons by the bag.  I would slice them up and freeze them.  Whenever I want lemon tea, I just get a slice from the freezer.
  6. Cutting up a whole raw chicken is easier and less messy with a pair of kitchen scissors. Cutting them at the joints is easier than cutting through bones.
  7. Cook once, eat twice.  When boiling chicken, I would boil an extra large chicken.  It makes the soup tastier and leftover chicken will be saved for salad the next day.
  8. Gingko nuts are easier to shell if you boil them for about 5 min first. Then using something heavy, bash it to crack it. The gingko nuts are less likely to break into half and get stuck in the shells.
  9. Too much chocolate (really??).  I would toss it into my hot coffee/milo/milk and eat it melty. Yummy!
  10. Too much leftover cut fruits.  Just toss them into the blender and make fruit juice.  It’s easier to drink it up than to chomp on plate after plate of fruits.  Too much fruit juice?  Freeze them for slushy for a hot summer day.
  11. Dried Rosemary Leaves.  I love rosemary.  But it’s not easy to grow it here.  So I have to resort to dried ones.  But they are hard and pokey.  I can’t seem to extract much flavor from it either.  Then I had this brainwave to blitz it in my blender.  Pulverize it to powder.  Bingo!  Now I use it in almost everything.