Avocado 🥑 Tips


Last year, out of frustration at some avocados that just refused to ripen, I threw them into the freezer. I thought perhaps they would turn mushy and soften them enough for me to blitz them into avocado shake. It never happened. They went in hard as a rock, thawed out still hard as a rock. But I learnt something. Avocados are ok for freezing!

So the following is a note to self (and whoever is interested):

If you bought too many avocados, when they all ripen at the same time on you, cut them up, bag them and freeze them for later use. They can be blitzed to be made into avocado shake or just eaten out of the freezer (slightly thawed) with honey. 😋


If you are not sure whether the avocado is ripe or not, if it’s almost black, it’s ripe. If somehow it’s still not ripe and you have already made an incision, stick them back together and leave it to ripen on the table. Yup. Stick the halves back together, that’s what I said. It’s fine. Next day or a coupla days later, try again, they would have ripened, none the worse for wear.

So cool 😎, right ?