What’s For Dinner Today?


Nothing grand. Just easy-to-cook chicken one -dish meal. The measurements are estimated. No right or wrong. Cook it and get out of the kitchen asap.

Kicap Manis Chicken Dish

3 boneless chicken leg quarters, marinate in 2 Tbsp kicap manis sauce and 1 tsp grated ginger for a few hours
1 carrot, cut into chunks

2 handfuls of peas

2 potatoes, cut into chunks

1 tbsp fried shallots

3 Tbsp kicap manis sauce

1. Fry the ready-made fried shallots in a bit of oil.

2. Put in chicken and pan fry until it’s half cooked.

3. Add everything else and let it simmer at low heat for about 1/2 h or until everything is cooked.

4. Serve with rice.


Pot Stickers


My daughter told me I have to blog about this for posterity. I know she’s right when I find myself checking my blog to look for my own recipe!

Pot stickers are also known as dumplings, aka gyoza aka wo tie, aka a hundred other names I haven’t even heard of I’m sure. We can boil it, steam it, pan fry, deep fry it. But I don’t think we can bake it.  I think it would turn out too dry.

It’s easy to make because I don’t have to do the skin. That is easily available in my grocery store. So if you can get it, your job is half done already.

I mix the filling in advance and store it in the fridge. I would use it up over the next few days. Just wrap a few and cook it right before eating. In fact, I have been making it for breakfast at 5.30 am. My friends gave me the status of Super Mom. It sounds so impressive but it’s actually quick and easy.

Pot Stickers

400g minced pork

4 leaves of napa cabbage (cook and squeeze out excess water)

4 mushrooms (diced)

drizzle of sesame oil

1 tbsp soy sauce

1 tsp grated ginger

1/2 tsp chopped garlic

2 tsp corn flour


Mix everything together. Wrap about 2 tsp of stuffing for each skin. There’s nothing to it. Just wrap it to the shape that you like. There’s no right or wrong.

Then pan fry them with a bit of oil for a few minutes, add about 1/4 cup water to the pan, cover the pan and let it cook for about 4-5 min.

That’s all.

You can totally do this at 5.30am.




Perpetual Soup


On December 21st 2016, I started making soup in my slow cooker and I haven’t turned it off since that day…..That would be mean that I have been cooking soup for about 70 over days!  When I told people about it, I was greeted with reactions of mostly incredulity.  Usually they are puzzled how I could drink soup that was 30, 40,70-day old? lol They also wonder if my electricity bill is through the roof.

I started a few days before Christmas, one of my busiest days of the year as I host gatherings at my home for friends.   When a good friend told me about bone broth, it sounded easy enough.  So I threw some pork ribs, pork bone marrow, onions, carrot, garlic into my slow cooker and that was dinner.  As I was rather busy, I didn’t relish the thought of cleaning my slow cooker that night.  So I had a brain-wave to add in more water and keep the slow cooker going (just to put off cleaning heehee).  Then every day ever since then I have just been topping up the slow cooker with more filtered water and fresh food.

A friend asked me for my recipe.

Let me put it simply.

In a slow cooker, put pork bones/bone marrow/chicken bones, vegetables (like carrots, onions, tomatoes, whatever) and seasoning (garlic, ginger, bay leaf, salt etc). Top it off with filtered water.  Turn on the slow cooker on high until it starts to boil.  After that, turn it on low and just let it cruise.  We usually have it for dinner with rice or groats.  At the end of the meal, I just top up the slow cooker with more filtered water and add in more bones/meat/veg.  Hey! That means my dinner is always done!


Frequently Asked Questions

Is your electricity bill through the roof? – There is no big difference in my electricity bill.  In fact, for some reason, it’s lower than before.  But, having said that, my slow cooker is a very simple one.  It is also 10 years old.

How can you drink 70+day old soup?? – Well, it isn’t really 70+ days old.  We eat it up everyday and I just leave the bones there for about 2 days before fishing them up and adding fresh bones.

Don’t you get sick of the same soup everyday? – I vary the ingredients I add into my soup.

Won’t your slow cooker explode? – I don’t think so.  So far, it hasn’t exploded.

Don’t you need to clean the slow cooker?? – Er….but I’m still cooking!

Do you plan to keep this up forever?? – I’m probably going to keep this going until end of May.  That’s when our school hols start.  You’ll have to turn it off if you aren’t going to be home.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Remember to check the water level everyday to make sure it does not dry up.

Rechauffe Food- Chicken Tikka Masala

Rechauffe cooking is about using leftovers and making something new out of it.  It’s read as “rey-sho-fay’.  I usually buy a big chicken which I would cook gently with water. Then I would split it into 2,  half to eat today and the other half for tomorrow.  Be sure to take EXTRA CARE when you handle and store leftovers  (no licking of fingers, no re-dipping of licked spoons, pack and cover properly etc) to prevent food spoilage.


Tonight’s rechauffe dinner is tikka masala chicken.  Sounds complicated and fancy?  Moi? Never.  I like quick and easy to prepare dinner so that I can spend more time on desserts! hehheh…

Chicken Tikka Masala

1 pkt of tikka masala paste (a certain D.C. brand which I got from NTUC)

Cooked cubed chicken pieces

Boiled potatoes

1-2 Tbsp plain yogurt

1 Tbsp ghee or butter

In a pot, boil about 150ml water with tikka masala paste.  When it’s boiling, add in the boiled potatoes and cubed chicken.  Bring it to a boil again.  Just before turning off the fire, add in the plain yogurt and ghee/butter.

Serve with rice.

Faster than cooking rice.



What’s for Dinner – Chicken Skewers


We have a very complicated schedule on Fridays.  Thus, we need to eat on the go.  That means nothing that requires plates and spoons, no soup or rice.  Sometimes we have hamburgers, sometimes chicken kebabs.  All made from scratch, of course.

Last Friday, we had chicken skewers.  It’s easy to make and easy to eat.  Even the marinade is easy.

Chicken Skewers

Boneless chicken of your choice (I prefer leg quarters)



Vege of your choice (mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, bell peppers, boiled potatoes etc)

A bit of oil (if you aren’t using leg quarters)


Cut chicken into 1″ pieces. Marinade the chicken for a few hours with ketchup and a bit of salt.  Use enough ketchup to coat the chicken pieces adequately.  You may choose to marinade your vege with ketchup too.

Skewer the chicken, alternating with vegetables.  Grill in the oven until cooked.


Dinner’s done.