How To Peel A Pomelo



Pomelo is like a mega grapefruit. Except that the flavor is milder and sweeter.  We all love it.  Except that peeling it takes quite a bit of time.  How come? you ask.

Because this is the way my grandmother taught me to peel it and this is the way I now insist on peeling it.  And now I want to record it down for posterity.


Using a sharp knife, cut off the top as shown.


Then score the pomelo with a knife about 2/3 of the way, abput 1-2 cm deep.


Using your hands, peel the skin but do not peel it off totally.  Leave the bottom attached together.  Remove the fruit and peel off the white pith.


Tadah! Now wear the pomelo hat and parade around the room as per my tradition!


Or fashion it into some kind of lantern and parade around.


Fizzy Cherries


I had some dry ice yesterday from buying ice cream cake. Instead of adding water to it and watch it form clouds like we usually do, I decided to try making fizzy fruit.  It’s really easy and interesting to eat.

In a cooler box, fill the bottom with dry ice. Lay a towel over it and place your fruits on the towel. Put the lid on the box and seal it. I left it for about 18 hours. When I finally got to it, the dry ice had already disappeared. And I got myself fizzy cherries. 😃👍🏻


Poofier Muffins


Same batch of batter but different sizes. Hmm. The one on the left was the first one into the oven. The loftier one is after about 25 minutes of resting. Speaks for itself. If you rest your batter for a little while, it will allow the flour to absorb the liquid more fully and thus you will get a poofier muffin. Can you wait so long? Usually I can’t. But if I wait, I sort of get more muffins to eat, ya? 😁

How To Choose Watermelon


Watermelon is the kind of fruit that you sort of invest a lot of hope on (and which you can only buy if there are at least 2 watermelon fans in a family). With grapes, cherries, blueberries, if one fruit is sour/bland/blech, there are many more others in the bag on which you can pin your hopes on. But watermelon? There’s only that one solitary, humongous, heavy watermelon. If it’s bad, you will be disappointed. Because who buys 3 or 4 watermelons as back up? And oh ya, you’ll be stuck with a huge water-flavored watermelon.

Have you noticed how people like slapping watermelons? I guess coz that’s the only fruit that they can slap (can’t slap oranges or durians). They slap it to listen out for…. Er… I’m not sure. Let me tell you how I choose. My success rate is about 9 out of 10.
(1) Circle the watermelon stand (like an eagle) with a critical eye. If you see sad-looking fruits and flies hovering around, change plans or go elsewhere.
(2) Choose the biggest one (more value for money, duh) and check for a creamy spot. That spot is an indication that it has been sitting on the ground long enough to develop that spot. In other words, it’s been given time to grow and ripen before being plucked. If the creamy spot is more yellow than creamy, that means the watermelon has been plucked and sitting around for too long. It may still be good but the flesh probably won’t be as firm.


(3) Gut feeling. If after circling the watermelon stand and none of them are calling out to you, just walk away. You can’t force it.

That’s it. Good luck.