Did you know that 1 lb of lavender is A LOT? Haha….I did.  So I split a bag with my friend. Did you know that 1/2 lb of lavender is STILL A LOT? I never actually visualized the massive amount of lavender… just that 1/2 lb is better than 1 lb! haha. Oh well, think of the endless possibilities, only limited by my imagination! Well, turns out not many share my passion for the little purple flowers.  I triple bagged them and put them in a container.  Now my container permanently smells of lovely lavender.  And when I use it to store my bread, i get lavender scented bread! Aren’t we so clever.

Lavender cookies recipe coming up soon! That would reduce my stash to 1/2 lb minus a whopping big 2 Tbsp.