Ondeh Ondeh


Be careful when you eat this.  Firstly, when you bite into it, it may squirt sugar syrup at others. Secondly, you can never stop at one.  We all love it.  It’s like mochi, covered with grated coconut on the outside and stuffed with coconuty brown sugar.  SO good!  They are made smaller than a ping pong ball because they need to be bite-size.  So that you can pop the whole thing into your mouth.




Grated Coconut 

1/2 fresh,skinned coconut, grated

pinch of salt

Mix salt into the grated coconut and steamed on a plate for about 5 min. Put aside.

Ondeh Ondeh (makes about 26)

80 g boiled sweet potato

80 g glutinous rice flour

50 g water (adjust accordingly)

1/2 blk gula melaka (cut into small chunks).

Mash sweet potato and then mix the flour in.  The amount of water given is just an estimate.  Just add in enough to form like play dough consistency.

Divide into 26 pieces.  Flatten and fill with gula melaka.  Close and roll into balls.

Prepare a pot of boiling water.  Put in the ondeh ondeh.  They are done when they float. Then just fish up the floaters and put them straight onto the plate of grated coconut.

Best to let them cool before eating.