Egg-less Coconut Waffles


My friend, Sherin, has a little girl who is allergic to eggs.  They were over today and I thought to make egg-less waffles for them.  It’s just an egg-less variation of my Coconut Waffles recipe.  It’s a bit chewy and the richness comes from the coconut milk and coconut oil.  It has its charm.  I like it.  In fact, I feel that it resembles closely to our local cake shop waffles which we all love. I added in some flax seed meal to boost up the nutritive value of the waffles.  That’s optional, of course.


Egg-less Coconut Waffles (makes about 4)

125 g plain flour

50-75g sugar

2 tbsp flax seed meal (optional)

1 tsp instant yeast

pinch of salt

250 ml coconut milk

3 tbsp virgin coconut oil

Mix all together and leave to proof in a warm place for about 1/2 hour.  Cook in waffle maker.