Felt Donuts


My kids and I made lots of donuts recently.  They were very high in fiber but not a single one was edible 😉

If you are interested in a “high fibre diet” as well, this is how we made them:


Brown felt for donuts, colored felt for frosting, buttons for eyes, polyester stuffing, needles, thread, pins.

“Cooking” time: about 2 hours (excluding cutting time)


Cut 2 donut rings and a piece for frosting.  Sew or glue on eyes and mouth.



Stitch or glue the frosting piece onto one piece of brown felt, as shown in the pic. Use either running stitches or blanket stitches.


If you had chosen to sew instead of glue, now sew the outer rim of the frosting, as shown in the pic.


Get the 2nd piece of brown felt and place it underneath. Stitch the inner rim of the 2 pieces of brown felt together, as shown in the pic. Use either blanket stitches or overcasting stitch.


Now, stitch the outer rim of the donut, as shown in pic.  Donut (pun intended heheh) sew it all the way.  Leave a gap about 1″ for stuffing.   Stuff it well coz we like fat donuts.  Then sew up the gap. Glue felt sprinkles on them. Done!


Just a heads up on sewing with children, things to watch out for apart from poking themselves.  The problems I encounter mostly involve the thread and needle.  One, they find it challenging to tie knots, be it at the start or at the end.  Two, the thread tends to slip out of the needle because when they pull the needle out of the fabric when sewing, they don’t know when to stop pulling.  You can either make it double strand for them or tie simple knot at the needle’s eye.  Three, the thread tends to get tangled up during sewing if they use too long a piece.  Usually I would tell them to get thread that is about the length of their arm.  Also, use higher quality thread.  I feel that cheap thread tends to get tangled easily, even for me.

Happy sewing!