Coconut Waffles


This is no Belgian waffle.  It is not crisp and high.  Our local cake shop waffle is a bit flat, soft, a bit chewy and full of wonderful coconut flavor.  It comes with an option of plain, peanut butter spread, melted cheese, chocolate spread and blueberry spread.  Some offer more options.  Usually I’ll just have the plain one as I love the coconut flavor and don’t want anything to mask it.

This is my version.  Warning: not a low fat food.

Coconut Waffles (makes about 4)

125g plain flour

50 g sugar

1 tsp yeast

pinch of salt

1 egg

200 ml coconut milk

3 Tbsp virgin coconut oil

Mix them together and leave in a warm place to proof for about 30-45 min. Cook in a waffle maker.

Enjoy it with butter or honey.  But seriously, it doesn’t need any of those.