Knitted Pillow Case


This is such a simple knitted pillow and yet it had me stumped for quite a while.  What I couldn’t figure out was how to make it into a removable case.  It’s gonna need buttons and I don’t know why I just couldn’t figure out the button part.  Like how?  Should I make a flap like envelope style? Should I line it? Install zip, velcro instead of buttons?  The answer was so easy but I didn’t get it.  I probably wasn’t thinking hard enough.  I was only just thinking about it on and off, thus the answer only hit me in the face months later. duh.

It’s simple.  Forget about envelop flaps.  It’s not necessary and the finish is not as nice. Just knit a burrito pocket and sew on 3-4 buttons at the top on the WS.  Coz it’s knitted with a size 4.5mm needle, the holes are big enough and stretchy enough to stretch to fit in the buttons! Viola! That’s it! Button-holes not even needed, unless you are looking at mega sized buttons (not advised).

Knitted Pillowcase

4.5mm circular needle

8 ply acrylic yarn (about 100g)

3-4 buttons

14″ square pillow

*This pattern will be knitted in a circle to minimize sewing.

*Gauge for 10 cm square is about 17 st by 26 rows.

Cast on 110 stitches. Knit 3, purl 2 for about 20 rows.  Then change stitches to all knit.  This will give you stockinette stitch.  Continue this for about 75 rows.  Cast off loosely, leaving a long tail (about 1 m).  This tail is for sewing up the bottom of the pillow case.

Now all that’s left is to sew on the buttons. Make sure that the buttons can go through the stitches first.


Position the buttons on the inside of the case and sew.


Just squeeze the button through the gap in the stitch.


Easy! Done! And they close up nicely and neatly. Unlike the following, which were made using envelope style.  The flap is a waste of time and yarn.  What an eye-sore.  I think I’m gonna *frog the flap.


Happy knitting!

*Frog goes ribbit.  Sounds like rip it!