Sponge Cake In A Jar

I had better write this down before I forget.  This is the BEST sponge cake I have ever made.

The basic recipe for sponge cake is this: For every egg, it’s 25 g sugar and 25 g flour.  So if you have 4 eggs, that would be 100 g sugar, 100 g flour.  Raising agent is optional as an insurance.  So are other add-ons like fat, flavoring etc.  Then I found out that just by adding in a bit of condensed milk can make a whole lot of difference!

I had wanted to make jar cakes and I had finally accumulated enough little jars.  But I was half-hearted.  You know…  I really can’t eat any more junk food if I wanted to fit into The Dress for my cousin’s wedding… But I had already made  Chocolate Ice Cream  and technically, was half way there.  So dragging the recipe out from memory, I whisked 4 eggs with 100g sugar in my Kenwood Chef until fluffy. The KC does a really fantastic job of whisking air into eggs.   As an afterthought, I decided to scrap off the last bit of condensed milk leftover from making ice cream.  It amounted to about 1 Tbsp. Whisked that in. Then I folded in 100g of plain flour and drizzled in about 2 tbsp of oil (I didn’t even measure that). I baked it in a muffin pan and it turned out to be the BEST sponge cake I had ever had!  It was ultra soft, moist and oh so good!  All thanks to the addition of condensed milk.


Basic Sponge Cake (12-14 muffins)

4 eggs (room temp is better)

100 g sugar

about 1 Tbsp condensed milk

100 g plain flour

about 2 Tbsp vege oil/melted butter

Whisk eggs in sugar until fluffy.  Then whisk in condensed milk for a min.  Fold in flour and oil.  Spoon into muffin cups and bake for about 20 min at about 180c.

This is what I did to the sponge cake after baking and cooling.

I halved it and put 1/2 into the bottom of a jar.
Then I put in a dollop of whipped chocolate cream.
Another layer of cake and cream until you run out of space.
Let it sit in the fridge for a couple of hours to allow the flavors to meld.

It’s basically a simplified trifle.  It’s great coz it’s pre-portioned and easy to serve.  It can be kept in the fridge for a few days or in the freezer for longer.  If you run out of jars, an alternative is to use a cup.


If you don’t have cream, I think yogurt and fruits would be a good alternative too.  I’m going to try that next. 8D