Avocado Pudding


I love avocados. I always thought if I ever get one fruit tree to grow, I would choose avocado.  I’m not sure why.  It’s not very tasty, not sweet or tangy.  But there’s something about it.  I think perhaps the charm is in the creamy texture and mouth feel.

Lately I picked up some lovely avocado from the grocery store.  I had wanted to make some avocado shake.  I recently bought a cup of avocado shake from a fruit juice stall and to my disgust, they only put in 1/2 a tiny avocado and a whole cup of water and ice.  For that I paid $3.50, when a whole avocado at the stores sells at about  $1.30! 😦 Also considering that it’s so easy to do it yourself some more.  I have tried using a potato masher to see if it works. It won’t be as smooth of course but if you don’t have some sort of blender, then potato masher will work.  Just mash the avo, add some of the liquid and continue mashing till fine.  Then add in the rest of the liquid and serve. So if you want avocado shake, just add in more water or milk.

I cut down on the liquid this time because I had felt like eating it rather than drinking it.

Avocado Pudding (serves 4)

3 avocados

1 cup water/milk/soy milk

1  1/2 tray ice

3 Tbsp honey

Blitz avocado, honey and water/milk in the blender first to dissolve the honey.


Then add in the ice and blend until smooth.

So yummy! Look! So thick my spoon can even stand on its own!