Pineapple Jam-how to make it less sweet


I have come to a conclusion about 3 things regarding Chinese New Year goodies. 1. Only pineapple tarts and love-letter wafer cookies are worth my limited fat space; 2. Pineapple tart jam is usually way too sweet; 3. Nobody will eat CNY goodies after CNY (which is a really strange phenomenon). I mean if I were to bake pineapple tarts in, let’s say July, I would have to beg people to eat. But if I were to bake them during CNY, people would beg ME to let them eat. 🤔

Whenever I eat pineapple tarts, I would wish for less jam Coz the jam is usually way too sweet. But I also would wish for more jam, Coz that’s like the highlight of pineapple tarts. Taiwanese pineapple cake is like our pineapple tart except that I always felt that it lacks pineapple flavor. When I checked the ingredients, I realized it’s not all pineapple! They add winter melon!

*Light bulb moment!

So I bought fresh winter melon, boiled it, mashed it, squeezed out the liquid and mixed into my store-bought pineapple jam.

Boiled & mashed winter melon


Added winter melon to the store-bought jam

The amount of wintermelon I used was just an estimation. In this case I used about 500g skinned and seeded winter melon (before boiling) to 500g store-bought pineapple tart jam.

Now I can freely add more jam on my pineapple tarts!