Chocolate Ice Cream


In MY book, there is only one ice cream flavor in the world.  Chocolate ice cream.  Others, no matter how good, just aren’t worth the fat space.  And I have very limited fat space.

Having said that, however, not all chocolate ice creams are worth eating.  When choosing ice cream, as with most things, check out the ingredients list.  Usually, the shorter, the better.  Due to my DD’s dietary limitations, I have to scrutinize the ingredients list very carefully.  Usually things with preservatives and colourings are out.  It gets a bit limiting after a while.  So far, I have only found one yogurt brand that is preservative and additives-free.  I stopped reading the labels when I got too cold standing in front of the supermarket fridges.

That’s why I usually have to do it myself.  As with this chocolate ice cream.  There are only 3 ingredients.  And, sorry my Dear Readers, I didn’t actually measure anything this time so the amount is just an estimation.

Chocolate Ice Cream

1 litre real cream (mine was 38% fat)

3/4 to 1 can real condensed milk (or to taste)

1/2 cup cocoa powder dissolved in half cup hot water

Make sure everything is well chilled.  Then whisk everything together until fluffy.  Freeze overnight.

This ice cream will be dense and rich and chocolately and oh so worth the fat space.