Cat ear Beanie is all the rage. At least I think so. I am not a very trendy person, mostly preferring simple designs. But I realised that simple designs are not easy to find. I usually have a hard time looking for things that are plain and simple. And I understand why. As a crafter, it’s more fun to craft things that have complicated designs. More fun, interesting, challenging.

Recently, my friend Yasmin needed a cat ear beanie. I tried to tempt her with my regular beanie but she was insistent that she needed ears.


That forced me out of my comfort zone. I had to think and figure out how I would have to go about doing it.  Then it finally dawned on me how much easier it is to make than my previous design!Duh! It’s unbelievable that I never thought of it. Me, the queen of short cuts and easy-to-do-things!  You just knit a rectangle and sew up one end.  The cat ear will just magically appear!  So cool!  No more 4 dpns! Just a circular needle all the way.


Cat Ear Beanie (fits an average adult)

Things needed: circular knitting needles 4.5mm, 40 cm; 105m wool or mixed wool yarn, 8 ply; 1 yarn needle.

Approximate gauge: (10cm x 10cm sq) 18 stitches x 25 rows.

Instructions: Cast on between 85 stitches, using long tail cast-on. Knit 3, purl 2. Continue in this rib pattern  for about 58 rows. Then cast off, leaving a long tail for sewing.  Sew up the top opening loosely with a yarn needle. Weave loose ends into the stitches to conceal.  When you wear it, pinch the corners to achieve the cat ears. Viola!

Sometimes I really wish Singapore gets cold enough for me to justify all the yarn that I buy.

*If you would like a ready-made one, please visit my Carousell.