Very Easy Hazelnut Spread Popsicle

imageI did it again. I bought too much of a particular popular brand Hazelnut Spread during this year’s Chinese New Year frenzy shopping.  I think I must have bought about 6 huge (1kg) bottles. What was I thinking?! I’ll tell you. “No such thing as too much HS.”;”Ooh, BOGO (buy one get one)!”;”We don’t wanna run out of HS, now, do we?”; “Expires in October. Let’s see, one bottle per month…so I’ll need…”. Huh.  Guess what?  We didn’t consume one per month after all. And there is such a thing as TOO much. Who knew?  AND then I found out my kids aren’t that into HS after all! Who woulda thunk it?!

Anyhow, since I am rather desperate, I have been putting in my milk. Just warm up the milk, add in a generous scoop of HS and stir.  Quite delicious.  I can drink it all the time.  Whilst drinking that, I had a light bulb moment and decided to freeze the HS milk.  Just milk and HS.  But after freezing that, it seemed a bit like frozen ice…it lacked the smooth mouth-feel. Then out of the blue, I started thinking about the 4 bags of potato starch which I bought on an impulse (yes, 4 bags of potato starch, don’t ask me why). That led me to think about using a thickener for the popsicle.  I decided to add in a tablespoon of corn flour into the milk and brought it to a boil with the HS.  Then I left it to cool before pouring it into my popsicle molds.

That did it!  It is now smoother.  When you bite into it, it is not so ice-y.  You just have to try it yourself.


Very EZ HS Popsicle

300 ml Full cream milk

2 heaping scoop of HS

1 to 2 Tbsp corn flour

Stir cornflour into room temperature milk until dissolved.  Add in HS. Cook the milk and stir to dissolve the HS.  Turn off the fire when it comes to a boil.  Leave it to cool.  Pour into popsicle molds when cool.  Freeze over night.

So easy that that’s all I have to say.  Except that, my dear Friends, the next time there is another HS sale, please stop me! And oh ya, if any of you need potato starch, call me.